Who we are

Noxis Energy is an innovative Brazilian company operating in refining, production, distribution and renewables.

Noxis Energy is a Brazilian company headquartered in the national oil capital, Rio de Janeiro. Founded by professionals with solid knowledge and experience in the management of refineries, trading, logistics and engineering, Noxis Energy works mainly in oil refining using the latest technologies, in plants installed in strategic locations along the Brazil coast.

Connecting new opportunities

Noxis was created with everything that is most innovative in the segment. A visionary, modern and flexible company, whose name reflects its personality: the one that interconnects and boosts opportunities based on its value proposition.

(from the latin Nodi)

central point, safety of
established connections

(from the latin Axis)

route, support axis,


Noxis Energy is prepared to meet growing oil products demand and tight sulfur specifications. In 2021, production will start in state-of-art technology refinery to produce fuels according to Brazilian and international standards.

Production, Distribution and Renewables

The networking and experience of our team allow us to establish strategic partnerships in Energy sectors, which promote business growth and consolidation, adding value to the investor.


All Noxis Energy executives have more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, including commercial, logistics, technology and refinery operations in Brazil.