What we do

Noxis Energy is an innovative company that produces oil products to help balance the market and boost commercial relations.


Bunker fuel has two categories: distillate and residual. Residual fuel is suitable for large vessels, while distillate is suitable for smaller and less powerful vessels. Noxis Energy will produce residual fuel according to the coming 2020 IMO Bunker compulsory regulation, respecting the maximum allowable sulfur content (0.5 %wt).


Diesel oil is the most commercialized fuel in the Brazilian market, due to its application mainly in the road and railway sectors, directed to cargo and passenger transportation (Diesel cycle).


Gasoline is produced through the petroleum refining process, such as distillation, hydrotreatment and catalytic reforming. It is usually applied as fuel in light vehicles (Otto cycle).


Liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances and cooking equipment. It is obtained through a separation refining process, liquefied and stored in suitable containers.